Reboot, v4.0


After a hiatus, back to the blog.

This is the fourth rendition of the blog. It started as, moved to, then I recently switched web hosts and decided to start over from scratch. I might try and restore the Muddy Calves version at some point but not urgent.

Anyhow, enough about how the sausage gets made.


Overall, I’m in a mediocre place with my running and really have been for the last few years. I have been logging about 800 miles a year so not flat-out bad (I’ve had some 200-300 mile years) but not quite enough to be where I would like to be.

I have run a some halfs the last few years and have not done awful but still not where I would like to be. I’ve got the excuses ready–a toddler, a blood clot, a short bout of grad school, a couple of job changes, and old age but really I just haven’t been dedicated enough.

But I have learned one thing: how to enjoy a race.

Knowing that I have not in top condition, I have taken a different attitude into the races I have done, run hard but enjoy it. I’have giggled my way, probably to nearby runners’ befuddlement, through much of the races. I will still put the hammer down for the final 5k on a half but it is still more in fun than trying to maximize my performance.

I may be turning into a fun-runner. *gasp*

That is a shift in thinking for me. While I have always enjoyed the health and therapetic benefits of running, the competitive component has always been the primary attraction for me.

Current Training

After a hamstring injury/strain in June, I’ve worked back up to doing a 13.1 long run. I am focues right now on base-building and running pretty religious at a sub-150 heart rate for my easy runs.

My plan right now is to do a three week rotation of my long runs:

  • 13.1 mile slow run
  • 13.1 hilly run (working the hills)
  • slow, long run of increasing distance (starting at 13.1, increasing by 1 mile each week).

Twice a week, normally Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll do a one-hour run. If I have anything that is bothering me, I will run these easy (sub-150 HR). If I am feeling chipper, one of these (preferrable Thursday), could include some tempo work (7:40 pace).

For the month of August, I am trying to run every day. I am not a streaker–I ran 456 straight days once and it wrecked my running–but for one month only, I am planning on running a minimum of 2.3 miles each day. I choose the odd distance because that is what my average daily milage has been for the past 12 months so I figured that would make a good minimum.

When I did my 456-day streak, I set a minimum of 1 mile but that is just a warm-up, doing at least 20 minutes makes me feel like I actually did something. All of these are run at sub-150 heart rate.

Goal Race

Because I have been nursing the hamstring, I have not picked a target race but think I will run a half this fall. Or maybe a 10 miler (Carson Park 10 miler?).