2017 Wrap-up.

I finished 2017 with about 105 Miles in December, for a total around 1,075 for the year. Not great but not horrible. I missed most of February with a chest cold and a few weeks in the summer with a hamstring injury.

Raced only twice, the Green Bay half marathon in May and Bjorklund half marathon in June. Green Bay Wars awesome, went in without any high expectations and just ran. Enjoyed myself a lot, especially running snide Lambeau Field.

Unfortunately, sometime after that, I strained my hamstring. I was recovered enough to start Bjorklund but ended up re-straining it and limped into the finish.

The injury and a job change–new employer does not have a shower on site–negatively impacted my summer training. By the time I was fully healthy, I decided to run everyday in August, that helped kickstart things and I finished the year with five consecutive 100+ mile months with the aid of my new-to-me treadmill.

The other training stats I want to mention is that I time trialed a 5:59 mile in September, had 41 training runs of 10 miles, 29 of those were at least 13.1.

A reasonable year, I am positioned to build on that and have a very good 2018 if I work. I still have about 10 pounds I should lose if I want my race times to really improve but that should come if I put in the time.