October, 2017

I slid through October with moderate results, squeaking in 100.2 miles to increase my streak of 100+ mile months to 3. Summer 2014 was the last time I had accomplished that so that says something about my recent quesi-consistency (or maybe more about my overall lack of consistency).

September-October are my favorite months to run, I think. Summer breaks and we start having cooler mornings but still have some daylight. It’s just more comfortable for running. Also reminds me of cross-country, my true running love. I first started “running” running my freshman year of high school and while I stunk, we had a great coach who preached inclusion and teamwork so I never got overly discouraged. I hit a growth spurt a couple years later and got a little better and even though I’ve never been great, I am still running many years later. Anyhow, autumn just smells of running to me.

I did get in my first snow run of the season. After work one evening, there was some build-up of snow on the trees but the ground was clear so run through an odd scene where the tree canopy over the trail was white up high but a lot of the lower vegetation green was still showing. Didn’t have a camera with so I did not get a photo of it.

I started out the month registering for the Bjorklund Half Marathon in June, 2018. This is run at the same time as Grandma’s Marathon.This will mark my 4 year in a row that I’ll run it.I ran the full in 2012 but ran neither in 2013 because I injured myself on my last long run of the training cycle. I had planned on doing the full and was in pretty good shape.

Plan for November is to keep sneaking in some miles–going to have to suck it up and run in the dark. I have started to occasionally look at treadmills because it would simplify the logistics so much. Could get my shorter runs in that way without too much tedium.