September Goal: Time-Trial Sub-6:00 Mile

Since I’m not currently bound to any specific race goals right now, I can willy-nilly re-focus my training as I please.

My biggest running regret of all time was not running cross country in college. But beyond that, I wish I had ran a sub-5:00 mile. My high school PR was around 5:16 on what I later realized was rather minimal training.

Five years later, I got into the best shape of my life but didn’t race much. I only have a 5k Win! of 18:40 and a flat, fast 5 mile in 29:58 to show from that period. Pretty sure I could have gone sub-5:00 at that time.

But I never did.

Now, too many years later, I’m curious how fast I could do a mile. Part of me still believes (hopes!) I could still train for a sub-5:00 but I intellectually I know that’s probably no longer possible. But for awhile I’ve wondered what I could do if I really focused on it for a period of time.

A month isn’t really that long but I figure if I did a few workouts, maybe 1 a week, that helped prepare me for a time trial, that would give me a reasonable idea of what might be possible.

Just going off memory, I think I last really time-trailed a mile it was a 6:00 effort around 2012. I think the fastest mile I’ve run in the last twelve months was about a 6:20 as part of a 20:0x 5k (might have been short) right around a year ago. So I think a 6:00-6:20 time trial seems reasonable at the next of the month.

I’ll roll in some workbouts into a few of my runs this month with the goal of preparing for the time trial. Just enough so that the faster pace is not completely foreign to the body. I’ll mostly continue running easy, building base.

On this morning’s run, I included some reps to get the legs used to running faster. I did three or four pick-ups where I ran faster until my heart rate monitor signaled I was above 150 then counted 10 strides and checked my Garmin to see what pace I was at and then shut it down and recovered.

I also included two longer reps with the goal of running sub 6:00 for the distance. I did about a 200 at 5:08 pace (according to Garmin) and just over a quarter at 5:45 pace. Those actually were easier than I thought they would be. Hard but not all-out.

I plan to include similar work in my Tues/Thurs runs as long as I’m feeling good. I’ll extend the timed portions.