August, 2017

I don’t remember how I came up with the idea to run every day in August but I did it. Finished with 161.2 miles in 31 runs. My highest monthly mileage since September, 2012.

Because my goal was to run every day, I made sure to run easy. Other than one long, hilly run and a few tempo miles, I was fairly strict about keeping my heart rate at 150 or lower. The amazing thing is–most of my aches and pain have gone away. I was nursing a hamstring at the beginning of the month and I felt it on one early run but it feels fine. Even my Achilles feel decent in the morning. I’ve never run this much and felt this good.

I have had to throw a couple of faster bouts in just to keep my sanity but overall the easy miles treated me well.

I plan on ending the streak soon–with summer just about over, my schedule changes and I lose some of the flexibility (and daylight) to run at my convenience. Although I hope to build off of this streak. Instead of doing 1 long run, 2 hour runs, and 4 easy, short runs, I’m going to try to do 1 long, 2 hour runs, and maybe two easy, but slightly longer (about 3-4 miles) runs. I’ll lose some of my mileage but the extra two off days will be good for recovery & give me some needed scheduling flexibility.

Some of the things I learned were:

  • Even at my ripe old age, I can still run every day if I take it easy.
  • It is so nice to have a shower at work. I had one at my previous job but do not have one with my current employer so I’ve been the stinky, what smells like bay wipes? guy. Luckily I’m a nerd in a cube that doesn’t interact a lot with other flesh & blood people.
  • The extended summer daylight hours are the bomb.
  • I feel like I need to do some strength work after all these slow miles.
  • Carry TP on early morning runs and plan to run either in close proximity of port-a-potties or secluded spots.